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With more than 33,000 residents, Uster is the third-largest city in the Canton of Zurich. The Roman roads of GlatttalOberland and Winterthur–Lake Zurich once crossed in what is today’s Oberuster.

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Located in the heart of Europe, Zürich is an important economic, cultural and social center of Switzerland. The city is, with its unique location on lake Zürich and the alps on the horizon, an attractive destination for young and old people.

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Over 1,000 km of hiking trails, Zurich's highest peaks and waterfalls, around 30 mountain inns and a summer full of open-air cinemas and concerts are ready for your visit! On the highest peaks of the canton of Zurich, enjoy a fine Zürcher Geschnetzeltes in a rustic, homey inn with a view of the Glarus and Bernese Alps. During a leisurely walk along the lakeshore or on a bike tour through the Tössbergland you will experience the fresh air and the magnificent landscape. If you like culinary delights, take a look into a real ham smokehouse or feast on the cheese buffet.



Greifensee is located in the Zürcher Oberland. Nearby the municipality is Niederuster in the south, Nänikon (Uster) in the southeast, Volketswil in the northeast, Schwerzenbach in the northwest and on the opposite site of the Greifensee shore is Fällanden in the west and Maur in the southwest.

Greifensee Municipality

Industrielehrpfad Zürcher Oberland

The industrialisation at the beginning of the 19th century brought big changes. Uster had the highest concentration of factories in Switzerland, such as the first mechanical weaving mill in the region. Nowadays it is possible to explore the contemporary witnesses of industrialisation, thanks to “Industriepfad Zurcher Oberland”.

Industrielehrpfad Zürcher Oberland


The industrial district of Hinwil is the home base of the Formula 1 team Sauber Motorsport. The company Belimo, Ferag and FBB (FBB Frischbeton & Baustoff AG) are based in the industrial district. One of the best known companies of Hinwil was Bührer tractors, which had a prestigious reputation across Switzerland. The industry of Hinwil is displaced increasingly by the service sector. So today are several large shopping malls an important employer in the region.

Hinwil Municipality


Wetzikon is the largest municipality in the district of Hinwil in the Canton of Zürich in Switzerland. The city has 23.726 inhabitants and is therefore the sixth largest city in the Canton. Wetzikon is located at lake Pfäffikon and close to the mountainous landscape of Zürcher Oberland. Together with the civil municipalities Robenhausen, Kempten, Oberwetzikon, Unterwetzikon, Ettenhausen and Robank, Wetzikon is the largest locality in the district of Hinwil.

Wetzikon City


Rapperswil-Jona is located on the right side of “Zürichsee”. It’s a popular destination, thanks to the lake shore, the old town and the circus Knies Children-Zoo. The actual “Zürichsee”, separating the causeway to Pfäffikon SZ. Jona, was until the 31st December 2006 a municipality in the See-Gaster, in the southwest of the Canton of St. Gallen, with around 17.700 inhabitants and was thus the second largest city in the Canton.

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Dübendorf is a political municipality nearby Uster. Due to the growth of Zürich metropolitan area this rural municipality has become a city. The municipality comprises Dübendorf, Gfenn, Hermikon and Stettbach urban districts in the Upper Glattal as well as Gockhausen, Geeren and Dübelstein, situated on the northern side of Adlisberg.

Dübendorf City

Air Force Center Dübendorf


Schwerzenbach is a municipality in the district of Uster in the Canton Zürich of Switzerland. It’s located at the bottom of Greifensee. The attractive recreational area, the proximity to the Oberland Motorway and the access to public transport makes Schwerzenbach become an interesting position for companies such as AXA Winterthur, SKF (Switzerland) AG, Studerus AG, and many more.

Schwerzenbach Municipality